Increase closing rates and cultivate more leads with our free e-Book, How to Create a Sales Playbook

A winning team needs a great playbook. That’s true in sports, and it’s true in sales. Without a clear plan, your team may not follow best practices or have the information they need to make a sales call or to close the deal.

Our FREE e-Book, How to Create a Sales Playbook, walks you through the essential steps for developing an effective, customized playbook for your team. You’ll learn:

  • What belongs in your sales playbook
  • Setting goals for your sales team
  • Writing effective emails
  • Measuring progress and success

According to Spotio, 42% of sales reps say they don’t have enough information before making their sales calls, and many aren’t even sure what they need. Without clear direction on how to gather information — and how to use it — your sales team simply can’t perform at its best. Let us help your team close more sales and work more efficiently. Fill out the form and download our free e-Book today.